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The Ural Sahara – more tractor than motorcycle

Are you the kind of biker who likes to ride something a little different? How about an underpowered, lo-tech soviet copy of a pre-war BMW military motorcycle? The Ural Sahara is a 750cc flat twin which produces a claimed 40hp, propelling this magnificent beast to a top speed of 62Mph which we imagine it can achieve from a standing start in approximately three or four weeks.

If you like your motorcycles simple and unsophisticated, this four-gear marvel might be for you. Actually, that’s five gears, if you include reverse – you don’t get that on a Ducati!

We’re just surprised this thing doesn’t run on diesel… A steal at just under $14,000:

The Ural Sahara - retro charm, modern price...
The Ural Sahara - retro charm, modern price...