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First all-electric motorcycle launched in America

Zero S road legal electric motorcycle
Zero S road legal electric motorcycle

California based Zero Motorcycles has launched America’s first street legal motorcycle to be powered entirely by electricity, the Zero S. The company claims it will begin shipping the new machine to pre-order customers within a month. The Zero S looks similar to any ordinary off-road motorcycle, but instead of a conventional internal combustion engine the machine is powered by the company’s own Z-Force branded power pack and a high-tech electric motor.

Founder of Zero Motorcycles, Neal Saiki said: “Our goal from the beginning was to engineer a high performance electric urban street motorcycle that would change the face of the industry. The Zero S is a revolutionary motorcycle that is designed to tackle any city street, hill or obstacle. The innovation behind the Zero S is what separates it from the competition. The Zero S is a high performance motorcycle that also happens to be fully electric and green. The fact that it’s electric means not having to get gas and reduced maintenance.”

The manufacturers claim maximum power output of 31bhp, and a top speed of 60mph, as well as a maximum range of 60mph between charges, so it’s really only useful for running around town or some off-road fun. A full recharge takes four hours from a standard 110/220v power outlet. With a dry weight of just 225 lbs, the bike should offer plenty of off-the-line acceleration.

In keeping with the manufacturer’s green ethos, most of the Zero S is fully recyclable and the lithium ion battery is entirely non-toxic. The bike is available to order now for $9,950 in the US and it seems likely that it will be exported to Europe in the future.

More details from: www.zeromotorcycles.com