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New motorcycle tracking device helps locate stolen bikes, and more

A new GPS motorcycle tracking device from Laipac Technology can help riders track the location of their bike if it gets stolen. The StarFinder Aire is compact, water resistant and has an aerodynamic design so that it doesn’t ruin your bike’s looks or performance.

The StarFinder Aire uses GPS technology to keep track of its location, and can communicate its coordinates via SMS messages or over a GPRS mobile data connection. The device can be set up to send an SMS message with its coordinates to a user defined cellphone number, or through a GPRS connection to the manufacturer’s LocationNow website where the user can login to get realtime updates of their bike’s location.

A ‘geofencing’ feature allows the tracker to be set up so that it automatically alerts the owner if their bike is removed from a certain location, such as their garage or a parking lot. With two inputs and two outputs, plus an optional analog input, the tracking device can be integrated into a bike in a variety of ways. For example, the motorcycle’s starter motor can be disabled remotely via the LocationNow service to prevent a thief from starting the vehicle.

The device can also be used to monitor a rider’s behavior, making it useful for tracking the speed and location of a motorcycle when a son or daughter is riding it. It can also be used to send an alert in the event of an accident, as the device features an integral accelerometer which can detect when the motorcycle has been involved in a collision.

Should the motorcycle tracker lose its mobile signal, it can store several thousand sets of location coordinates in memory and then send them to the user once the connection has been restored.

The StarFinder Aire will be available in the second half of 2012.