Interested in a Harley motorcycle?

Owning a Harley motorcycle is a dream for many bikers as the Harley Davidson brand is a modern icon, not to mention the fact that the bikes themselves look stunning. Unlike most motorcycle manufacturers, Harley Davidson does not make a range of different styles to cater for all tastes, the company focuses entirely on custom cruisers. This style of motorbike doesn’t suit everybody, since they don’t offer the same degree of performance that you’d get from a modern sports-bike, but there’s simply no denying that you’re guaranteed to turn a few heads when you roll up on a Harley motorcycle.

The company was founded by childhood friends William Harley and Arthur Davidson, who began designing and building simple motorcycles in the very early nineteen-hundreds, and by the nineteen twenties Harley Davidson was the largest manufacturer of motorcycles in the entire world. Over the years the company won deals to supply the American military and police forces with motorcycles, although as other manufacturers are able to offer more modern, practical machines, the brand is used less and less for these kinds of applications.

These days Harley motorcycles appeal largely to a hard-core of loyal enthusiasts , who value the unique style of ‘hogs’ – the widely used nickname for Harleys. While the bikes are widely popular in America, they are seen as expensive luxury machines in foreign markets where they often occupy a very small niche compared to the wider market for high performance sports bikes, or cheap, practical commuter motorcycles.

An early Harley motorcycle fan
An early Harley motorcycle fan

Harley motorcycle gifts and accessories

Because the Harley Davidson brand has become so well known and loved, the company is now able to make a significant portion of its revenues from Harley branded gifts and accessories. Everything from model Harley Davidson motorcycles to t-shirts and other clothing is available, so even if you can’t afford one of the bikes, you can at least buy into the lifestyle just a little.

Harley motorcycles are all based on large-bore V-twin engines, which give the bikes a distinctive thunder-like rumble. Emissions laws in most countries require the bikes to be sold with restrictive exhaust pipes that limit the engine noise, hence a popular modification for most owners is to fit a pair of open Harley Davidson exhaust pipes, which not only make the bike sound a lot louder but can also improve power-levels if paired with a proper tune-up.