Choosing the right motorcycle storage

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Unless you’re lucky enough to have a garage, motorcycle storage can be a real problem.  For most people this means keeping their motorbike in the garden or even parked out on the road, which leaves it exposed to the elements and makes it an easy target for thieves.

Fortunately, if you don’t have a garage there are some alternative motorcycle storage options available to you. The most basic of these is the common wooden shed, which can be purchased cheaply at most garden centers and usually doesn’t require any planning permission to construct. Although this will protect your motorcycle from the worst of the weather and keep it out of sight from casual thieves, it’s still not the best storage option since sheds are not very secure and they don’t do as good a job of keeping out the elements as some of the other options.

Several companies provide metal motorcycle storage sheds, usually manufactured from durable stainless steel, which are the most secure option (providing you use an appropriate lock) and also do a good job of protecting your bike from dust and moisture. The downside to metal motorcycle storage sheds is that they can be very expensive compared to alternatives – you can expect to pay at least $1000.

Why it’s important to buy specialist motorcycle storage

An important point to bear in mind is that if you buy a standard metal garden shed, the door may be quite narrow, whereas metal containers that are designed specifically for motorcycle storage usually have wide double doors which allow plenty of space for wheeling your bike in and out. Also, specialist motorcycle sheds will usually offer more robust security – some of the more expensive models feature elaborate security mechanisms which literally clamp the motorbike to the floor and make it extremely difficult for thieves to remove the bike.

It's important to find the right storage for your motorcycle
It’s important to find the right storage for your motorcycle

Plastic storage sheds are an alternative option, and offer a compromise between cheap wooden sheds and expensive metal ones. They are less expensive than metal, but more durable and secure than wood – although they certainly won’t pose much of an obstacle for a determined thief, so if your motorcycle is particularly valuable, consider metal.

If you don’t have any garden space to put any kind of shed, but you don’t use your motorcycle over the winter months, you can rent some space at a storage company – they will usually be happy to store motorcycles so long as the fuel tank has been properly drained to reduce the fire risk. Alternatively you can use a specialist vehicle storage company, which will keep the bike stored in a controlled humidity environment, and will  most likely offer a range of additional services such as pickup and delivery, maintenance, specialist security and insurance options, and so on, although this of course will be more costly than simply keeping your motorcycle in some rented storage space.