Choosing the best motorcycle security chain

A motorcycle security chain and disc lock
Oxford OF9 Boss Security Chain

Unfortunately motorbikes are very easy to steal, and most bikers are aware that they need to be careful to protect their pride and joy from thieves. One of the simplest, and best, forms of protection you can get is a motorcycle security chain. As well as providing a strong visual deterrent, a good solid chain will make it much more difficult to move your motorbike, which means that joyriders and amateur thieves will usually leave it alone and go off to find a much easier target instead.

In addition to this, a good quality motorcycle security chain will make a professional thief’s life much more difficult. If they have to break through the chain to move the bike, this slows them down and means that they have to make a lot more noise than they want, all of which increases their chances of getting caught in the act. Knowing how attached to their rides most bikers are, few thieves would want to risk being confronted by the motorcycle’s owner.

Wherever possible you should chain the bike to something solid, like a post or a properly secured ground-anchor, otherwise it’s still relatively easy for thieves to lift the bike into a van so that they can break the chain once they’ve moved to a safe location. If this is not possible, for example if you have to park your bike on a street where there’s nothing to chain it to, the best thing to do is wrap the chain through the rear wheel and over the saddle.

Always make sure that the chain is always secured as tightly as possible, so that it does not touch the ground. If the motorcycle security chain touches the ground, this makes it easy for thieves to smash it since they can use the ground as an anvil.

What kind of motorcycle security chain should you buy?

A cheap chain might provide a visual deterrent, but any reasonably competent thief will be able to cut through it with a pair of bolt-cutters. It’s worth investing a little extra money in a high quality chain made from thick, hardened steel, which will be able withstand bolt cutters and hacksaws – the only way through the best chains is to use a noisy angle grinder, and even this can take a long time.

While some chains feature integral locks to attach the ends together, generally speaking the best security is provided by a separate padlock. A good quality padlock will itself be manufactured from hardened steel and will have a sophisticated lock that can’t easily be forced open, and the shackle should be shielded so that when the lock is attached to the chain, no part of the shackle can be easily attacked.

Buy the best motorcycle security chain you can afford to make life hard for the thieves
Buy the best motorcycle security chain you can afford to make life hard for the thieves

Good quality motorcycle security will also be fitted with a soft fabric sleeve so that it cannot scratch or damage your bike’s paintwork. You should also consider transportation – it is unsafe to ride with a chain slung over your shoulder, so think about whether it will easily fit under the seat, or if it comes supplied with some sort of carry case that can be secured to the bike.

Finally, remember that a motorcycle security chain is only one component of your bike’s security system. If you’re serious about protecting your bike, you need to make it as tough as possible for a thief to remove it, so don’t forget to look at the different kinds of motorcycle security products on the market that will help to make your bike such a hard target that nobody will waste their time trying to steal it.