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The best motorcycle games for Xbox One in 2017

The only thing more fun than riding motorcycles is playing video games. Add motorcycles to videogames and you’re onto a winner, so here are some of the best motorcycle games for the Xbox One console.

Ride 2Box art for the Ride 2 motorcycle racing game for Xbox one


Featuring 230 different motorcycles licensed from all the major manufacturers, including cafe racers, supermotards, superbikes and others, Ride 2 has something for every kind of biker. Billed as the Gran Tourismo of motorcycle games, it allows players to tune and modify their bikes with hundreds of tweaks and accessories.

Ride 2 features thirty different motorcycle tracks, including the Nurburgring, Monza, Donington, and city tracks  such as Miami and Milan. On top of all this, the game delivers the most accurate physics available in a motorcycle simulation, bringing you as close to the real thing as it’s possible to get.


MX vs. ATV: Supercross Encore – 2017 Official Track EditionBox art for the MX vs ATV motorcycle game for Xbox One


If you like to get muddy on a motorcycle, this is the game for you. Compete against computer controlled players, online multiplayer (with up to 12 riders) or one on one split-screen in off road super-cross races.

The game features over 35 tracks, including 16 official 2017 Super-cross Championship courses. With all of the official bikes, riders and sponsors licensed in the game, this is an authentic experience for fans of Super-cross. The franchise has been around for a few years now, and this version brings it up to date with current generation console graphics and gameplay.


MotoGP16: Valentino RossiBox art for the MotoGP 16 Valentino Rossi game for Xbox One


Ever wished you were a MotoGP champion? Well you’re not, but with this game you can pretend to be one. Follow in the footsteps of The Doctor, Valentino Rossi, one of the world’s most talented motorcycle racers.

The game leads players through Rossi’s career, starting in 1996, to complete various challenges and build up the skills that help him rise to the top of the pack and become world champion.


MotoGP 15MotoGP 15 motorcycle game for Xbox One.


This popular MotoGP simulation franchise hasn’t been updated since 2015, but that version is still pretty solid. It was never released in the American market, but it proved popular with European fans and you can get hold of a UK import from Amazon – the good news is that the Brits speak the same language as us, so there aren’t any translation problems.

If you love MotoGP, this game is the most accurate reproduction of the series. It includes a historic game mode, which lets you play with bikes from the nineties, including those monstrous 500cc two-stroke machines they used to race.

The best motorcycle games for PS4 in 2017

When you can’t be out riding your motorcycle, the next best thing is a good two wheeled racing game. Here are some of the best motorcycle games for the PlayStation 4.

Ride 2A picture of the Ride 2 motorcycle game for PS4


Ride 2 is the ultimate motorcycle game, with over 230 licensed bikes across a wide range of categories including superbikes, cafe racers, supermotard, and many more. Each bike can be modded and customized with parts and accessories, to improve performance and handling, leading some people to call this the Gran Tourismo of motorcycle games.

Players can ride on thirty of the world’s most famous motorcycle tracks, including the Nurburgring, Monza, Donington, and city tracks  such as Miami and Milan. As well as a ton of amazing content, Ride 2 offers players the most realistic simulation ever seen in a motorcycle game. A must-buy for all motorcycle loving gamers.

MX vs. ATV: Supercross Encore – 2017 Official Track EditionThe cover art for MX vs. ATV: Supercross Encore for PS4


Race dirt bikes and quads on over 35 different tracks, including all 16 official 2017 Super-cross Championship tracks.  The game features single player mode, split-screen two player, or up to 12 person online multiplayer races. The game features all of the official gear, logos, and manufacturers for the 2017 season, for a completely authentic experience.

This newest version brings the game right up to date for the current generation consoles, with cutting edge graphics and gameplay.


MotoGP16: Valentino RossiThe package art for the PS4 motorcycle game, MotoGP16: Valentino Rossi


This game lets you follow in the footsteps of one of the world’s greatest motorcycle racers, Valentino Rossi – The Doctor!

Starting in 1996 as Rossi launched his career, this game will lead you through a series of challenges as he increases his skills and rises through the ranks to become world champion. A great game for MotoGP fans.


MotoGP 15The MotoGP 15 PS4 game box art


This is the most recent version of the popular MotoGP simulation franchise, but for some reason it never got released in the US market, despite proving popular in Europe. But don’t worry, hardcore MotoGP fans can get their hands on it thanks to suppliers importing English language copies from the UK.

It’s a couple of years old now, but still stands up pretty well and if you love MotoGP, this is the most faithful simulation you’ll find. As well as all the tracks, riders and manufacturers present in the 2015 season, the game also features a historic class which lets players access bikes from as far back as 1992. And you know what that means – 500cc two-stroke madness!

The best motorcycle games for Xbox 360

Motorcycle racing game for xbox 360
Recommended: MotoGP 15 for Xbox360

There are some great motorcycle games for the Xbox 360. Perhaps the best known is Grand Theft Auto IV, which is not specifically focused motorcycles but does feature plenty of different bikes amongst its vast selection of vehicles, including choppers, off-road and race bikes for the player to ride around the city. There’s also an add-on mission pack called The Lost and Damned which features an entire new story about a motorcycle gang, which features plenty of bikes to play with.

Grand Theft Auto is a game that largely focuses on completing underworld missions which involve driving/riding around the city and shooting up rival gangsters. If you’re looking for motorcycle racing game for your Xbox 360, there are several choices.

Motorcycle racing games for Xbox 360

MotoGP 09/10 lets players take part in the international MotoGP circuit, racing on the 17 official tracks from the 2009 series. You can ride all of the major manufacturers’s motorcycles in the 125, 250 and 800cc classes and play as your favorite rider. There are several game modes, including arcade, career, two-player split screen or online multiplayer to compete against other riders over the internet. The game boasts a realistic artificial intelligence which gives computer controlled riders their own riding styles and capabilities, providing a more realistic racing experience.

SBK X is for fans of the World Superbike series, allowing them to play as any of the riders and teams. Although there’s an arcade mode, the game has a strong focus on simulation, right down to the condition of the track changing throughout the course of the race due to weather conditions. As well as arcade and realism mode, the game features online racing in which players can race against 15 other riders over the internet.

If street-racing motorcycles are more your style, we recommend Midnight Club: Los Angeles, a game which lets players race around the streets of Los Angeles on a wife range of officially licenced motorcycles (and cars too, if that’s your thing). The game features over 300 races across the city, and mixes the gameplay up with different types of race including Career Races, Red-light Races and Delivery Missions.

For fans of off-road racing and motocross, we suggest MX Vs ATV Reflex. This game allows up to 12 riders to race around dirt tracks which actually change during the course of each race as riders carve up the dirt forcing competitors to find new lines, so no two races are ever the same. As well as head to head races, players can also compete to perform the most challenging stunts and tricks.

Finally, if you really want to get the full motorcycle experience on your Xbox 360, you definitely need the Yamaha Motorsport Controller, a motorcycle game controller featuring handlebars, twist throttle, brake and clutch leavers. The controller vibrates to provide feedback when you ride over bumps, and even features working headlights (in case you want to play in the dark, we guess).

The best motorcycle games for PS3

A motorcycle racing game for Playstation 3
Recommended: MotoGP 14 on PS3

There are a number of motorcycle games for the Sony PS3 (PlayStation 3). The most well known video game that features motorcycles on this platform is Grand Theft Auto IV, and while it’s not specifically focused on bikes there are a wide variety of models that can be acquired in the game and ridden around the huge, detailed city environment.

There’s also an add-on pack for GTA IV called “The Lost and the Damned” which features a complete story line based around a biker gang, so there are obviously plenty of bikes to ride in that. Grand Theft Auto IV: Complete is a pack which includes both the full game and the Lost and Damned addon pack.

The gameplay in GTA IV revolves around missions which usually involve shooting and driving/riding vehicles around the city, and while it’s a lot of fun it might not be what you’re looking for if you want a game in which you can race motorcycles around a track.

Motorcycle racing games for PS3

SBK X – Superbike World Championship – released in 2010 this is the most recent of the motorcycle racing games on the PS3 platform. It allows players to participate in the World Superbike Championship and features all of the most famous riders, manufacturers and tracks. Although it’s a fairly recent game, it includes a “legends” pack which lets you play as some of SBK’s most famous riders of the past, including the legendary Carl Fogarty on his 1999 Ducati 996. The game offers an arcade mode for players who don’t want to take things too seriously, or a simulation mode for those who want a more realistic challenge, and career mode lets you work your way up through the ranks, starting in the Superstock class.

There are several great motorcycle games for PS3

If you’re more of a MotoGP fan, the most recent motorcycle racing game for PS3 featuring that series is MotoGP 10/11. The reviews for this game aren’t as good as SBK, but it is still rated as a perfectly playable game for fans of MotoGP. There are various game modes including full season, one off race, time trials and an multiplayer online mode which allows up to 20 players to race against each other.

Fans of dirt riding might want to take a look at MotorStorm which allows players to race across some of America’s best known desert scenery on off road bikes and cars too. Alternatively MX vs ATV Alive gives you the choice of racing motorcycles or ATVs around motorcross tracks – this is the fifth version of this popular franchise and has got pretty good reviews from players.

Five of the best motorcycle games

As winter draws in a lot of riders will be mothballing their bikes until the weather improves, but if you want some two-wheeled thrills to keep you entertained in the meantime, here’s a list of some of the best motorcycle video games. They’re not as much fun as the real thing, but at least you can enjoy a few beers while you’re riding these motorbikes on your PS3 or X-Box.

MotoGP 08 (X-Box 360, PS3, PS2, PC, Wii)

Reckon you could show Rossi a thing or two? The official game of the MotoGP franchise will let you compete against the world champion, and most of the other big name riders on some of the world’s most famous race circuits. While not the best racing game in the world, MotoGP 08 received passable reviews on most of the platforms, which means you should be able to squeeze a fair bit of enjoyment out of it.  Be warned though, the Wii version is considered to be pretty abysmal, so it’s probably best to give it a miss unless you’re really desperate.

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SBK-09 Superbike World Championship (PSP, X-Box 360, PS2, PS3)

SBK-09 brings the other main motorcycle racing series to video gamers. Unfortunately it’s been given very average reviews by most games critics, so you’ll probably struggle to find much fun here – although if you’re an obsessive fan of the series, you might be able to get more out of it than the average gamer.

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MX vs ATV: Untamed (X-Box 360, Nintendo DS, PS2, PS3, Wii, PSP)

Mud lovers rejoice! MX vs ATV lets you race all manner of offroad vehicles, including motocross bikes against each other on a series of dirt-tracks. There’s plenty of value for money here, with a wide range of vehicles other than bikes to play around on, although reviews of the game are fairly mediocre, generally billing it as OK but not great.

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Grand Theft Auto IV (PS3, X-Box 360, PC)

Although the game isn’t specifically about motorcycles, there are plenty of opportunities for jumping on a chopper, motocross or sports bike and tearing around the beautifully realistic city streets in Grand Theft Auto IV. If you’ve got an X-Box 360, you can download an extra content pack which has a whole story line centred around a motorcycle gang, so you can live out your Sons of Anarchy fantasies. Don’t worry if you’ve only got an older console or PC which can’t handle GTA IV, all the older instalments of the game feature a wide range of motorcycles, and San Andreas is especially good since it offers lots of countryside for off-roading and long winding country roads to tear up.

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MTX Mototrax (PSP)

Only available on the PSP, this motocross game provides plenty of motocross thrills across 30 different tracks. It’s even got a built in track editor so you can design your own if the pre-made ones become too boring. The game received positive reviews when it was released in 2007, so it should offer plenty of fun.

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