UK insurer offers free anti-motorcycle-theft solution

UK motorcycle insurance broker, Carole Nash will offer free security marking kits to all customers opening new policies or renewing old ones, following a successful trial of the DNA+ programme in 2011.

From March 2012, all motorcyclists who take out or renew policies will receive a free Carole Nash DNA+ kit containing a liquid-based forensic coding solution together with high impact hologram decals designed to act as a theft deterrent. The DNA+ solution combines DNA and microdot technology that is registered exclusively to the policyholder. The clear liquid is painted onto the bike’s different parts, providing a unique ID which makes it easier for the police to recover stolen bikes and trace the thieves.

Nick Baker, director of products and marketing at Carole Nash, said: “As a motorcycle insurance specialist, we fully understand the emotional and financial cost of theft to bikers. By introducing Carole Nash DNA+ as a standard benefit, we hope to not only add value to all policies but to reduce bike theft. The pilot scheme went extremely well and subsequent research has shown that customers are more than willing to take a few easy steps to protect their pride and joy from potential thieves.”

At present the only identifying marks on the majority of motorcycles are the frame and engine number, allowing thieves to dismantle machines and sell valuable parts. With Carole Nash DNA+, police can use an ultra-violet light to read the coding and trace individual parts back to the owner via an international database. The cost of a year’s subscription to the database is included as long as the motorcycle is insured through Carole Nash.

Over 15,000 Carole Nash bike insurance policyholders have already been given a DNA+ kit as a result of the three-month pilot scheme in 2011. “I found DNA+ very easy to use when I applied it to my scooter, and the instructions were simple to follow. Knowing that the identification marks are there does give me added peace of mind that, if the unthinkable were to happen, the bike would be easily identified by the police and returned to me,” said Gareth Jones from Wales.

The launch of this initiative follows increased worry within the motorcycle community about the cost and other effects of motorcycle theft. In 2011 MCN launched a Mark Our Bikes campaign to encourage insurers to provide free security marking systems. “Security systems like DNA+ create for the first time a way of linking dozens of individual parts to the owner,” explains MCN senior reporter Steve Farrell. “This helps the police identify them as stolen parts and catch the thieves trading in them. The Carole Nash DNA+ scheme is an excellent step in the right direction towards the reduction of motorcycle theft.”