New Harley Davidson ape-hangers from Demon’s Cycle

Custom motorcycle builder, Demon’s Cycle, has launched it’s new ‘El Diablo’ line of ape-hanger handlebars for Harley Davidson bikes. The company claims that the new handlebars cost around 25 percent less than similar parts from Harley Davidson whilst offering a high level of finish and build quality.

The bars feature triple-plated chrome components, smooth hidden mounting controls and wiring, as well as chrome switches. They are also available in black. The El Diablo handlebars are supplied fully assembled by a Harley Davidson certified engineer, enabling customers to install them quickly and easily.

A range of sizes are available, between 10 and 18 inches. The bars are 1-1/4 inches in diameter and taper to 1 inch in the center section allowing standard handlebar controls to be fitted.

Tom Steinbacher, owner of Demon’s Cycle. “The El Diablo range offers style and quality without cutting back on quality. Although there are several different styles of handlebars for Harley Davidson bikes, the truth is you can’t beat the style and look of ape hangers, especially the ones from the El Diablo range.”