What is the best motorcycle in the world?

So you came here looking to find out what the best motorcycle in the world is? Obviously there can’t be any one answer to that question, because what actually qualifies a bike as the best motorcycle depends very much on your point of view.

If, by best motorcycle, you actually mean fastest racing motorcycle, it’s fairly easy to get an answer – just go and look at the leaderboard in the World Superbike Championship or MotoGP, and you’ll find your answer. On the other hand, if you’re looking for the fastest production road motorcycle, and you’re talking about ‘fastest’ purely in terms of top speed, then that changes every year as manufacturers release new models or fine tune existing bikes.

At present, the best motorcycle for top speed is Suzuki’s Hayabusa – although if you tried to compete on a track day or twisty country roads, it would get eaten alive by more nimble sports-bikes. Most major motorcycle manufacturers have subscribed to a gentlemen’s agreement that limits the top speed of their bikes to 186mph.

If your definition of the best motorcycle in the world is one that handles better than all the others, it’s going to be hard to pin down an answer because handling is subjective. Most of the current crop of razor sharp sports bikes will handle comparably well, depending on the skill of the riders, and picking out one that stands head and shoulders above the others will always be difficult. Again, this changes every year as the manufacturers update their bikes.

The best motorcycle in the world.

Perhaps you’re into cruisers, in which case the idea of what makes the best motorcycle is even more subjective, because styling plays an even bigger part in this. Some would argue that it has to be the Harley Davidson V-Rod, while on the other side of the pond the Triumph Rocket III might be thought of as the world’s best motorcycle. They’re both good cruisers, and there’s no scientific way to measure which is “better”.

For many people the best motorcycle in the world would be one that’s affordable, extremely reliable and highly fuel efficient, in which case there’s no arguing that the long running Honda Super Cub ticks all of those boxes. Over 50+ continuous years of production mean that it’s practically bullet-proof because all of the flaws have been ironed out, and there are tons of cheap parts available for the rare occasions when it does go wrong.

OK, so when you came looking for the best motorcycle in the world, you probably weren’t thinking of a cheap little scooter, so we’d suggest that Honda’s CBR600 is a worthy contender. It’s been in production for a long time, has a reputation for being extremely reliable and serves well on the track, on country roads, or just for commuting to work.

Of course, if you’re looking for something a bit more exciting, our vote for the current best motorcycle in the world (based on looks, attitude and sheer awesomeness) has to be Ducati’s heart-stopping Diavel.