The best motorcycle games for Xbox 360

Motorcycle racing game for xbox 360
Recommended: MotoGP 15 for Xbox360

There are some great motorcycle games for the Xbox 360. Perhaps the best known is Grand Theft Auto IV, which is not specifically focused motorcycles but does feature plenty of different bikes amongst its vast selection of vehicles, including choppers, off-road and race bikes for the player to ride around the city. There’s also an add-on mission pack called The Lost and Damned which features an entire new story about a motorcycle gang, which features plenty of bikes to play with.

Grand Theft Auto is a game that largely focuses on completing underworld missions which involve driving/riding around the city and shooting up rival gangsters. If you’re looking for motorcycle racing game for your Xbox 360, there are several choices.

Motorcycle racing games for Xbox 360

MotoGP 09/10 lets players take part in the international MotoGP circuit, racing on the 17 official tracks from the 2009 series. You can ride all of the major manufacturers’s motorcycles in the 125, 250 and 800cc classes and play as your favorite rider. There are several game modes, including arcade, career, two-player split screen or online multiplayer to compete against other riders over the internet. The game boasts a realistic artificial intelligence which gives computer controlled riders their own riding styles and capabilities, providing a more realistic racing experience.

SBK X is for fans of the World Superbike series, allowing them to play as any of the riders and teams. Although there’s an arcade mode, the game has a strong focus on simulation, right down to the condition of the track changing throughout the course of the race due to weather conditions. As well as arcade and realism mode, the game features online racing in which players can race against 15 other riders over the internet.

If street-racing motorcycles are more your style, we recommend Midnight Club: Los Angeles, a game which lets players race around the streets of Los Angeles on a wife range of officially licenced motorcycles (and cars too, if that’s your thing). The game features over 300 races across the city, and mixes the gameplay up with different types of race including Career Races, Red-light Races and Delivery Missions.

For fans of off-road racing and motocross, we suggest MX Vs ATV Reflex. This game allows up to 12 riders to race around dirt tracks which actually change during the course of each race as riders carve up the dirt forcing competitors to find new lines, so no two races are ever the same. As well as head to head races, players can also compete to perform the most challenging stunts and tricks.

Finally, if you really want to get the full motorcycle experience on your Xbox 360, you definitely need the Yamaha Motorsport Controller, a motorcycle game controller featuring handlebars, twist throttle, brake and clutch leavers. The controller vibrates to provide feedback when you ride over bumps, and even features working headlights (in case you want to play in the dark, we guess).