How to find the cheapest motorcycle insurance quote

First the bad news, because of the inherently dangerous nature of biking and the relatively higher number of accidents riders are involved in, it is always going to be difficult to find cheap motorcycle insurance quotes. But the danger is all part of the fun, right? So higher insurance costs are just the price we pay for that risk.

Now the good news. While it’s always going to be an expensive game, there are some things you can do to make sure you always find the cheapest motorcycle insurance quote available. First of all you need to understand that there are two factors about your bike that will affect your insurance costs, it’s power and its value.

Large capacity, high performance motorcycles are involved in far more accidents than smaller, slower bikes, and this means that insurance companies charge a higher premium to cover them. Likewise, high-value motorcycles are often targeted by thieves because they are relatively easy to steal and resell so, again, the insurers will charge more for these bikes.

So, the lesson to take from this is that if you really want to keep your insurance quote down, consider choosing a smaller capacity, lower performance bike. Most riders are unlikely to use all of the power offered by today’s largest sports bikes, so why not consider a 600cc instead of a 1000cc? Another thing that has a big impact on costs is the rider’s experience – if you’ve been riding for a long time and have had no accidents, you will usually get much cheaper insurance quotes than riders who are relatively new and/or have had several accidents. Stick to smaller, cheaper bikes for a while, and eventually you’ll be able to get cheap quotes on larger, faster bikes.

What can you  do to get cheaper motorcycle insurance quotes?

Regardless of what type of bike you’ve got, there are a number of things you can do to lower the cost of insurance. The first is simple security – make sure you bike is kept garaged at night, if possible, or at least stored off-road, as both of these things will significantly reduce the chances of it getting stolen. Also, speak to your motorcycle insurance company about whether they offer discounts if you use any approved security products, as they will often provide a list of locks, chains and other items from approved manufacturers which will help you to get a cheaper quote.

Other ways to lower the cost of your motorcycle insurance are to opt for a limited mileage policy (which might be ideal if you don’t use your bike as everyday transport) or to exclude passengers, which will suit many riders who never carry a pillion. Finally, the most important thing you need to do to find cheap motorcycle insurance quotes is shop around – compare the quotes from different providers, and don’t be afraid to tell them if you’ve got a cheaper quote somewhere else, because quite often they’ll be happy to undercut their competitors to win your business.