Charity motorcycle rides

Bikers are a good natured bunch and one of the ways bike clubs around the world contribute to their community is by organizing charity motorcycle rides. While many charity rides are designed purely to raise money for a particular cause, some clubs organise ‘toy runs’ to collect toys for underprivileged children. Generally speaking charity rides are organised by motorcycle clubs, so if you want to get involved it’s a good idea to get in touch with your local club to find out if they’re planning such an event.

If you want to organise your own event, you’ll need to publicise it to encourage other bikers to get involved so, again, getting in touch with a local motorcycle club is usually going to be the best way to do this. The events raise money in different ways, but usually participating rides will ask people to sponsor them for every mile they ride, and some sort of event with entertainment and refreshments is often organised to mark the end of the run, where further money can be raised by inviting members of the public to participate and donate.

World’s largest charity motorcycle ride

Charity motorcycle rides are a great way to have fun and help a good cause

The largest of the charity motorcycle rides on record is the Annual SFPC (South Florida President’s Council of Motorcycle Clubs and Oranizations) Christmas Toy Run in the Sun, which takes place in Fort Lauderdale every year and sees over 30,000 motorcycles completing a 26 mile parade which takes over 3 hours. The event has been running for twenty years and raised over $7million for sick children as well as thousands of toys for needy kids.

There are thousands of similar events taking place all over the world every year, although for obvious reasons most of them take place in the summer. And you don’t need to round up 30,000 bikers to organise your own charity ride – just getting started with a dozen or so participants will be enough to generate some interest from your local newspaper and start raising some donations for whatever charity you decide to support.

Some bikers go one step further and organise epic charity motorcycle rides across entire continents to raise money for good causes, like one rider who recently rode all the way from London to Bangkok in aid of rare diseases. While organising such a trip by yourself isn’t impossible, it does take a lot of work, planning and logistical support, which is why most people who decide to do this will instead work with one of the many companies which arrange these trips for a fee, leaving you to focus on enjoying the ride and earning the money.